Bible Studies

reading the bible

Bible Study Series for Summer 2024: "We believe..."

We are continuing our pattern of in-person and zoom bible studies between now and the end of July and consider some of the basic things that we affirm as our beliefs.
Tuesday bible studies are in the Annex at Romiley Methodist Church, Monday studies are on zoom – contact our minister for the link.
Our bible studies are a place of sharing fellowship and questions as we work out what it means to live as Christians.

Dates and Themes are:

Tuesday 23rd April and Monday 29th April We believe in one God

Tuesday 7th May and Monday 13th May We believe Jesus is God

Tuesday 21st May and Monday 27th May We believe Jesus is Human

Tuesday 4th June and Monday 3rd June We believe in the Holy Spirit

Tuesday 18th June and Monday 24th June We believe in the Church

Tuesday 2nd July and Monday 8th July We believe in Salvation

Tuesday 16th July and Monday 22nd July We believe in Eternal Life

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