Church Organ and Piano

The Pipe Organ was made by Sixsmiths of Mossley and installed in 1983. It was constructed using many pipes from the Organ in the old church . All the pipes are in the room above the Church entrance and the Keyboard( usually called the console) is at the front of the Church. Its connected to the pipes by many wires. See images taken in the "Organ Loft" showing pipes of different sizes. There are almost 1000 pipes in all.

the open part of the organ  known at the quotgreatquot organquot
Here is a selection of metal pipes – the open part of the Organ – known at the “Great” Organ.

a view of the pipes in the organ loft
This is a good view of the pipes in the Organ Loft. In the background are metal pipes of the Great Organ. The Black very large cabinet is the Swell box which contains many pipes and the louvres can be opened to increase the volume. The green pipes are the bourdon pedal pipes.

the organ console
This is the Organ Console( The Keyboards). It has two keyboards. The top one is known as the Swell and can be adjusted for volume,. The bottom one is known as the Great and has open pipes some of which are quite loud. The pedal board is really another keyboeard but operated by the feet!. All three can be coupled together . There are also more then twenty different Stops( types of pipe. This gives the instrument a great amout of versatility to provide music for all types of hymns and songs.

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